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December 12, 2011

Lingerie by Body Shape

Just as with clothing or swimwear, you will emphasize your sex appeal if you choose the right underwear for your body shape. Emphasize your attributes and raise confidence with lingerie that fits perfect.

Depending on your shape, take a look at the little things that on which you have to pay attention when buying new lingerie.


You are blessed with body shape that resembles an hourglass, and you don't have any limitations. However, to further emphasize curves and highlight the waist, you can spice up things with a sexy corset.


If you have problems with the layers on the abdomen, and legs and buttocks are in proportion - the best solution is a baby-doll lingerie - shorts and t-shirt are somewhat larger slice below the bust. Black corset is also a good choice, especially if you have larger breasts.

Boyish figure

Women with a boyish figure don't have some curves, but are leaner and athletic. Low panties and push-up bra or one with only a wire, will be more than suitable. If you are tall wear shorts with belt, and if your small try semi-tang.


For women with smaller breasts and larger buttocks, we recommend push-up bra and the "normal" underwear because your butt is already hot enough.


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