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February 10, 2012

Agent Provocateur spring collection

Underwear that regularly impresses with its originality and this time leaves no one indifferent. The brand is known for its bold and provocative pieces of sexy lingerie, this time a collection is rounded off with something sensual and less aggressive approach.

For one of the campaigners was chosen 31-year-old French actress of Japanese roots, Mylene Jampanoï.

The campaign was shot through the mist filter characteristic for the 70-ies film and photo. Jordan Scott, daughter of English director and producer Ridley Scott, is responsible for photos that reflect sensuality and seductiveness.

A touch of romance walked on the set, which is strewn with rose print, and black suspenders with multicolored polka dots and the corresponding machine construction patterns reminiscent of the 60ies.

Gentle shades of purple lace complemented by the magenta bruises, while the black lace pieces complemented with a light pink background.

The combination of pink and gold lace is bold and glamorous, a black corset and petticoat models in the style of 50-ies are more than attractive.

There are pieces of satin ribbons with strategically intertwined, and a black mesh set in the style of 70-ies.

There is one piece lingerie and seductive silhouette is easy to get along with interesting lace kit socks.

To complete the collection, there are bikinis that capture with color, but mostly cut. Two-and one-piece suits in bandages wrapped body style inorange and mangente combination. Blue pattern creates a pin-up girl from you, and the whole look was completed with great material.

Swimsuit may look sweet and seductive and at the same time it is completed or an interesting link that is done in denim style. A touch of romance to light-pink bathing suit is further made bows at the hips and décolletage.

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