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February 09, 2012

Lip Gloss with LED lighting

Amway presents the new product line novelties Beautycycle - lip gloss Light Up with LED lamp and a mirror for quick and easy application. New Beautycycle lip gloss comes three shades: Glitz, Passion and Champagne.

Fixing makeup on your lips is inevitable during the day, shopping or a night out. Powder and eye shadow is usually applied in the morning before leaving the house, and lips are always refined. According to a Beautycycle survey on the habits of applying makeup, conducted in collaboration with a market research GFK, 40% of women do not want to leave home without lip care products such as lip gloss.

This study didn't surprise Beautycycle makeup artist Caren Zuleger: "Applying lip gloss is a simple easy way to refresh your make up".

Beautycycle Light Up lip glosses with LED lamp, and a mirror makes fixing your lips more easy. "This may be an important meeting before or after the lunch break, and thanks to the lights and mirrors it is possible to apply make-up everywhere," said Caren Zuleger.

In her opinion, a new lip gloss is perfect for any woman. "During the day business women do not have time to repair the make-up. Good looks affect the professional success. Discreet make-up that highlights the natural beauty of women increases confidence, and thus success."

"A wide range of colors that can be found on the market is only confusing women and makes them insecure. This lip gloss offers a solution because it has three shades and offers a sufficient colors for every skin type and every opportunity," said Zuleger. "Women who emphasize eyes should use a discreet shade of lip gloss, such as lip gloss Light Up Champagne color. This color fits every skin type and is ideal for a gentle natural day make-up," she explains.


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