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February 10, 2012

Victoria's Secret Luxury Collection

This world-famous brand wants to present in the high-fashion market with its new designer collection. This way, Victoria's Secret will be shoulder to shoulder with other luxury lingerie brands, such as the Agent Provocateur.

Victoria's Secret Designer Lingerie Collection brings an abundance of fine material, but also of colors and interesting cuts, corsets and garters. From classic black-and-white pieces of lingerie through the pastel colors and various patterns of lace, this collection will delight both sexes equally.

Lila gives an extra touch of romance in this beautiful lace piece. An interesting cut of this lace body is just luring with its attractive look.

Bright shades of pink are very seductive when they are complemented with lace details and bruises in the same color, but also black lace and polka dots.

Decorated with lace frills, these models in neon colors are really playful and cheerful.

Prices of lingerie from this luxury collection range 38-298$, and that this is a strong brand whose name is synonymous with sex and quality; we are confident that this collection will literally "catch fire".


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